I am Chelsea.
I love Jesus.
I also love to sing, to dance, fashion, friends, letters, writing, movies, music, moonlight nights, late night talks, 80s movies, the color navy, art, Broadway, good stories, family, photography, and really anything that makes me smile.
I've come a long way from where I used to be, but I'm never done growing!
Hope I can make you smile :)

28th April 2012

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Oh Lord I call upon your name. The whispers of silence haunt me yet and I feel as if I’m losing my grip. Everything I know is turning and twisting and my heart is churning and longing for what I do not know. Am I missing something? I don’t feel right and I can’t be sure of this life. I know there’s a sunrise to come but now all I see is the darkness of night. Oh Lord hear my cry and light up this night sky for I cannot find my way in the dark. Oh give me rest I’ve been trying to long to light the way myself but Lord my light is insufficent and has grown dim. I know you hear my heart crying though I wear a smile. I grow fustrated in the dark oh please Lord bring your light. God, my God I need to feel your warmth. Oh how I need rest so I come to you on my knees begging to feel your seas of mercy wash over me.

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